If there is not confirmation within the set period, a message will be sent to the responsible party such as: caregiver, pharmacy or family doctor.

The Medido Connected uses GPRS, so that the dispenser is continuously in contact with the internet portal of Innospense. Through this portal information about a patient is presented to the care providers. Innospense facilitates the care process in this way; the responsibility for the patient remains with the care providers.

The portal has been set up in such a way that patient information can be viewed easily and changes can be introduced in a simple way. Each patient has an own account. This account has different tab pages, including a week plan, configuration and management.

The information is shown on the basis of authorisation: a pharmacist, for example, has access to other data than the home care. Tasks such as adapting the week plan or adjusting the sound of the Medido Connected can be carried out remotely.

In the event of problems, the care provider in question, who is linked to the internet portal, will receive a message by SMS, e-mail or telephone. This happens, for example, when a user does not respond to a signal and therefore will forget his/her medication. When there is a failure in the functioning of the dispenser, the service centre of Innospense will immediately know this and the problem can usually be solved remotely. The functioning of the Medido Connected is explained in the figure above.