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"It's reassuring to know that my mother is taking her medication properly."

Applying for a Medido

Applying for a Medido as a client

Do you take several medicines a day and do you need remote medication assistance? Our automatic medicine dispenser helps you to take the right medicine at the right time. Interested?

Call us on: 085 888 5123
Or contact your healthcare provider
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Applying for Medido as a healthcare provider

Are you a healthcare provider, does your organisation work with Medido and would you like to apply for Medido for one of your clients? Then register the client using the application form. First check whether the client is eligible via the selection form.

Does your home care organisation not yet work with Medido? Then get in touch here

Rates & reimbursements

Medido is fully reimbursed by many health insurers. Therefore, there are no extra costs for the client and it is also not deducted from the excess. Ask your health insurer for more information.

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