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"Medido is my friend. It is very simple, I can do everything myself."

Medido Services

I am a client

Do you take several medicines a day? It can be difficult to keep track of which medication you have to take and when. Medido helps you with this. The automatic medicine dispenser supports you in the correct use of medication.

Benefits for the client

certainty medido


Delivery of pre-packaged medication (on a roll) at a pre-programmed time

freedom medido


Increasing self-reliance and treatment adherence
convenience medido


Easy to use
tranquility medido


Less contact moments
with home care needed
health medido


Support in the correct use of medication

free of charge medido

Free of charge

Fully reimbursed
by most insurers
Use Medido in 3 simple steps
Step 1
Is it time for your medication? Then the button turns blue and the reminder signal alerts the client.

Step 2
Take the medication out by pressing the button on top of the Medido medication dispenser.

Step 3
After 10 seconds the pouch will drop into the drawer. The pouch has an incision that makes it easy to open the pouch.

If you accidentally forget to take the medication, Medido sends a message to the home care service. The home carer will then contact you.
Is Medido suitable for me?
Do you use several medicines every day and do you sometimes forget to take it at the right time? Then Medido offers a solution for you. Medido is also a valuable aid for clients who cannot open the medicine bags due to a limited hand function.
Guidance in the first weeks
The carer guides you through the first few medication sessions with Medido. Have you got the hang of it? Then the home care worker only needs to drop by once a week to place a new medication roll.
"Thanks to Medido, my clients are more independent and I have more time for complex care."
"Thanks to Medido, my clients are more independent and I have more time for sincere attention."
I am a caregiver

Do you often lack time during your working day? Medido, the automatic medicine dispenser helps clients with their daily medicine consumption. As a result, you no longer have to be present at every medication point. Medido increases the self-reliance of clients, so you have more time to provide complex care.

Benefits for the caregiver
saving time medido

Save time

Fewer contact moments needed
convencience medido


Easy to use and maintain
certainty medido


Medication use more verifiable
Using Medido in 4 steps

Step 1
Apply. Use the client selection form to check whether the client is eligible. If so, fill in the application form

Step 2
Activate. Medido is ready for use in 4 easy steps. Support the client during the first medication session.

Step 3
Supervise. Make sure that the client is using Medido correctly. Replace the medication roll every week.

Step 4
Evaluate. Use Medido's insights into the client's medication use to make any necessary adjustments.

Is my client eligible for Medido?
The medicine dispenser with reminder signal is intended for clients who take various medicines every day. Medido is also a valuable tool for clients with a chronic condition, such as rheumatism, Parkinson's disease, dementia or depression.

Do you doubt whether the dispenser is suitable for your client? Then fill in the client selection form. This allows you to make a selection with only
a few questions.

Applying for Medido
Does the client meet the selection criteria? Then request the automatic medicine dispenser free of charge via the application form.

"Naturally, we opt for innovative and sustainable solutions in the care sector. In this way, we relieve the pressure on our staff."
I am a director

Are you short of hands in your home care organisation? Medido relieves the pressure on personnel, leaving you free to care for more clients and give the complex care they need. 

labour-saving ehealth
Labour-saving eHealth solution
Medido is an innovative form of remote care. Thanks to the automatic medicine dispenser with reminder signal, care personnel do not need to be present at every medication moment. This provides you with a labour saving of approximately 10 minutes per client per day!

helpdesk medido
We are available daily for all your questions
Whether you need help with technology, logistics or guidance. Our Medido helpdesk is there for you every day. In addition, our care consultants support home care organisations in deploying Medido and achieving care goals.

care partners medido
Full service by care partners
We take the whole process out of your hands thanks to many years of cooperation with more than 150 healthcare partners. For example, 1,850 pharmacies take care of the packaging and delivery of the medication. Does the client forget the medication they need? Then Medido sends a message to one of the 19 connected care centres. We do everything to make sure every client receives the best care.

medido clock standing
Rates & reimbursements
Since 2012, Medido has been reimbursed by almost all health insurers. Check with your health insurer if you can apply for Medido free of charge.

Is the client not yet registered with a home care organisation, but does he/she need help with medication use? Then the client can register with a home care organisation in his or her region with this request for care. Even if the client does not require any other care, he or she can apply for Medido free of charge.

Remote medication guidance not only makes clients more independent, but it also saves time for the care sector. Do you use Medido? Then you save at least one home visit per client per day. That is easily 10 minutes per day per client.

If your home care organisation does not yet work with Medido, please contact us! We would be happy to discuss how we help you with the use of Medido in your organisation.

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