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"Medido gives me back my freedom and independence".
"Medido gives me back my freedom and independence".

Medicine dispenser with reminder signal

The use of medicines has a great impact on the health of clients. Yet they do not always manage to take the right medicines at the right time. This is often due to forgetfulness, limited hand function or simply because they need to take several medicines a day and cannot keep track.

Medido offers the solution: a smart medicine dispenser with reminder signal. This form of remote care makes clients more independent and relieves the workload of care personnel. That is smart, together, with care.

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Benefits for the client

Benefits for the client

  • Better health situation due to correct use of medication. The client no longer forgets to take his/her medication.
  • More freedom and independence. At the press of a button, the client can now manage his own medication.

Benefits for the caregiver

  • A time saving of ten minutes per client per day. Care staff no longer need to visit several times a day.
  • Medication use more verifiable Medido provides insight into the clients' medication use.

How does the medicine dispenser with reminder signal work?

Step 1.

Place the pre-packed medication in the dispenser and set the current weekly programme.

Step 2.

The medication dispenser gives a signal when it is time for the medication.

Step 3.

The client takes out the medication by pressing the button on top of the Medido.

Does the client not take the medication? Then the medication dispenser sends a message to the home care. They will then contact the client. The medication dispenser with alarm removes all possible barriers to the correct use of medication.

Who can apply for the Medido?

Do you want to apply for the automatic medicine dispenser for one of your clients? First check whether the client is eligible for Medido by answering six short questions.

Medido costs

The medication dispenser with reminder signal can be requested free of charge for the client if the indication 'medication supply' has been made or can be made. The care provider can then opt to use the Medido instead of physically handing out the medication. This is reimbursed by the health insurer, so it costs the client nothing extra. It will not be deducted from the excess either.

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