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Press photo Tom Hofland and Thijs van Nuenen

Medicine dispenser company Medido appoints Tom Hofland as new Managing Director

Rijswijk – Automatic medicine dispensing service provider Medido takes next step in globalization by appointing Tom Hofland as new Managing Director. His predecessor, and  founder of Medido, Thijs van Nuenen, will take a new role as Chief Global Officer at the Evondos Group. This statement follows up on the recent announcement that Medido joined forces with Evondos.*

New Managing Director Tom Hofland brings extensive experience in the healthcare sector, having held prominent leadership roles in two health IT- organizations that have scaled up. He has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the elderly and a strategic vision for eHealth solutions. With a new Managing Director, Medido will continue to play an important role when it comes to the self-sufficiency of clients and reducing the workload on home care personnel. As a member of the Evondos Group executive team, he fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, ensuring the company's continued growth and success.

Tom Hofland also shared his excitement about the new role, stating, "The social impact we all make together is impressive. Tens of thousands of clients in the Netherlands and Nordics can continue to live at home longer with the help of our services. A great thing is that caregivers can use this time for other physical care tasks. This is severely needed given the lack of healthcare workers." The automatic medicine dispenser plays, together with other eHealth solutions, an important role in the future of home care. Eetu Koski, CEO of the Evondos Group welcomes Tom to the role of Managing Director of Medido: “Tom has won the trust of our employees and customers during his tenure at Medido during the past 1,5 years as Commercial Director. This is a great milestone for Medido, and I’m excited to see where Tom will take the business after Thijs’ great innovation and ability to build the organization this far in the Netherlands. Now Thijs will turn a new chapter and apply his learnings from the Dutch market globally”.

About Evondos Group

Evondos Group is the leading automated medicine dispensing and medication management service provider that consists of two innovative brands: Evondos and Medido. Evondos Group’s unique services provide significant quality and impact of saved nursing time benefits for professional home care organizations. The services enable people in need of medication provision to get support in the correct use of medication, improving patient safety and medical adherence, and supporting independent life at home.

*Read more in the following article: Medido and Evondos join forces


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