The beginning of the automatic medicine dispenser

Since 2009, Medido can be used by home care workers. Since then, the automatic medicine dispenser has helped countless clients with their medicine use. For years, Medido has been market leader in the field of medication guidance in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Curious how the idea of the smart dispenser was born? Discover it in this article and read how Medido has grown into an indispensable aid for both clients and care providers in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


The idea of the automatic medicine dispenser was born in 2005. Thijs van Nuenen, creator, inventor and owner of Medido, saw his grandmother struggling with her use of medication. Because she suffered from arthritis, she had difficulty opening the medicine bags. Out of frustration, she regularly threw away the medication, with all the health risks that entailed. There must be an easier way, Thijs thought.


And so the automatic medicine dispenser was born. In 2008, a number of clients of home care organisation Vérian were the first to use the device, followed by a larger group of clients of ZZG Zorggroep in 2009. Based on the experiences of these clients, we optimised the Medido service.

We received support from various care centres, home care organisations and pharmacies at an early stage. Alliance Healthcare, Phoenix Foundation, Pluripack and Mosadex, for example, were early partners of Medido.

This enabled us to develop the smart dispenser even further and bring it to market in 2009. Thijs still regularly visits clients to improve the service. This is how we work every day to provide the best possible support to clients and caregivers.


After years of effort by Thijs van Nuenen, Medido has been fully reimbursed since 2012. Since then, medication guidance in the home has cost the client nothing. This has made the product accessible for many clients.

Meer dan een medicijndispenser 

It was clear from the start that Medido is much more than an automatic medicine dispenser. For clients, it is a familiar tool that gives them back a bit of freedom and self-reliance. On the other hand, Medido is an efficient and affordable solution for care providers. Especially at a time when digital care is gaining ground. That is smart together with care.

Do you want to know what Medido can do for your clients? Get in touch with us! We would be pleased to tell you more about our services in a personal meeting.

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